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New color and capacity of LokenToken in stock

We are happy to announce that we have added a new color and capacity of
LokenToken dual USB flash drive to our stock. Now it's available in 'white'
color and capacities of 16 and 32 Gb.

What is LokenToken?
It’s not one of those usual USB flash drives that are available on the market as it has its truly unique
features. It has a 5-digit mechanical combination code added to it, so you can forget about your flash
drive being accessed without your permission. With LokenToken you ultimately become the only one
able to grant access to the flash drive and important digital data stored on it. Moreover it has been
integrated with an OTG function (micro USB added) so that the user can transfer data right on-the-go
to their portable devices.

In 2 colors and 2 capacities
Our innovative and functional LokenToken dual USB flash drive has been updated with a new color
and capacities available from stock. You can now have a choice of 2 colors (black and white) and
2 capacities (16 and 32 Gb) to order from. If you are looking for a unique and exceptional business
gift then LokenToken is the perfect choice.

Premium Packaging
Packaging of LokenToken look premium and is well made. It will look great as a promotional product or
a business gift.

✓ Available in 2 colors: black and white
✓ Available in 2 capacities: 16 gb and 32 gb
✓ Both USB 3.0 flash drives
✓ Available from stock in Czech Republic
✓ Can be imprinted with your logo

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