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Enjoyable trip with our exclusive and stylish Holiday Collection

Holiday Collection is a great promotional gift to get your clients fully prepared for the holiday journey and make it compact, easy and memorable with you imprinted logo on it

Our Holiday Collection set consists of a trolley, iPad pouch, laptop backpack, toiletry bag, and laptop bag. All the products are made out of durable quality fabric that will last for many future holiday trips.

Holliday luggage collection will make the trip memorable because of its unique abilities to fold it up storing away at your dream destination using minimum space after unpacking your clothes.

Santo-Domingo foldable cabin trolley

We also have an iPad pauch, laptop backpack and a laptop bag to store your precious electonical gadgets away and let them safely travel around the globe with you at all times.

iPad pauch

Cancun laptop backpack

Barbados laptop bag

And of course to make the collection fully accessible we have a compact and stylish toiletry bag.

Puerto-Rico toiletry bag

All of the products are exclusive and suitability for any age and gender.

If you are interested in any of the Holiday Collection accessories presented above, please feel free to contact our team for more information.