Feedback from Mega Show 2017

We took part at Mega Show 2017 and presented our novelties!

First of all we would like to say “thank you” to everyone who managed to visit our booth 1C-G39 and see,
touch and test our products including exciting novelties of 2017.

But if you missed Mega Show 2017, then don’t worry because we prepared some feedback for you. This
year Mega Show was extremely busy for us over the full 3 days of the show.

We presented our product range and of course the novelties that we have recently launched. The novelties
were: Golchi 2-in-1 Bottle and LokenToken dual USB flash drive and fixMug 2.0. All of the new products had
gathered a lot of positive feedback and were really appreciated by the visitors of our stand.

Let’s have a closer look at the novelties:

Golchi 2-in-1 Bottle
Golchi is an innovative multi-functional bottle that can carry two drinks simultaneously and has other 15
creative features hidden inside.
1 - Ease of carrying 2 liquids in any combination of hot & cold.
2 - Controlled flow mechanism (on lower lid) for ideal drinking experience for cold or hot drinks.
3 - Temperature indicators to help you always remember if the section contains hot or cold liquid.
4 - Magnetic lock mechanism in bottom lid for unobstructed / convenient drinking experience.
5 - Double layer protection for leak proof assembly – both for cold and hot drinks.

Learn more about Golchi Bottle

LokenToken dual USB flash drive
Innovative flash drive that has a 5-digit mechanical combination code to securely lock the flash drive inside
and also has a Micro USB to connect to your portable devices on-the-go.
1 - 5-digit mechanical cobination code to securely protect your flash drive inside.
2 - Micro USB added to allow information transfer onto your prortable devices.
3 - Stylish look that will be a great match to all your other gadgets.
4 - Available in 16 Gb (stock), 32 Gb/ 64 Gb (custom orders).

Learn more about LokenToken

fixMug 2.0
Whole new and redesigned fixMug 2.0 now made in 475 ml volume and has ‘lock-steady bottom” technology
that prevents it from falls! You can forget about your drink being spilled over your desk with fixMug 2.0.
1 - Has a handle added to it to give you a firm grip.
2 - Lock-steady bottom technology to prevent the mug from falling.
3 - Has a 470 ml volume.
4 - Has stainless steel walls inside.
5 - New and redesigned.

Learn more about fixMug 2.0

And here are some more photos of our stand and the products that were presented:
Our stand view

Stone Power Banks and Grinder BT Speaker


Cryptex Collection of USB flash drives

If you have any questions about our company and products that we offer, please contact our sales manager.