New fixMug 2.0 in stock — Get yours now

We are happy to announce that our new fixMug 2.0 has been delivered to our warehouse and available to order now. Let us show you what's new in fixMug 2.0.

fixMug 2.0 is redesigned and new version of our bespoke fixMug.
It is a unique mug because it has a “lock-steady bottom” technology that makes it resistant to any flicks,
pushes or punches. With fixMug 2.0 you don’t need to worry about your liquid being spilled all over
yourself or your important documents ever again.

What’s new in fixMug 2.0 compared with a standard fixMug? Let’s see:
We combined all your comments together and included them in fixMug 2.0:

1. Wanted a handle - we have added a handle to fixMug 2.0 

2. Wanted smaller volume - new fixMug now has 470 ml volume

3. Wanted metal inside - fixMug 2.0 has stainless steel walls inside

4. Wanted to see a new design - here is a new design of fixMug

5. Wanted fixMug adopted for home and office - here it is for you

Let’s have a closer look at fiMug 2.0
As you can see below, fixMug 2.0 has now been made smaller with a handle added so you can pick it up just like
a normal cup making it more adoptable for an office and home. The lid on the top of the mug is not leak-proof,
however it will be extremely hard to spill your drink even if you try to because fixMug 2.0 doesn’t fall.
We also have added metal walls on the inside of the mug and fixMig 2.0 is now able to keep your drinks hot up
to 2 hours and cold up to 2 hours as well.

FixMug 2.0 is a great promotional gift. Contact our sales manager for special prices, terms and conditions and be
the first one to impress your clients with such a stable mug that would handle their drink safely.

Check our NEW fixMug 2.0
And standard fixMug

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