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Pokémon GO with our powerful and stylish Power Banks

Make sure your phone is always full of charge while you are in search for or catching Pokémons.

Our Power Banks will make sure your phone has a sufficient charge throughout the day and help you to stay on the ‘’GO’’.
We have 3 different types of Power Banks on SALE which are: Stone-3, Stone and Super Magic Stick power banks. We only
have a limited stock of Power Banks on sale.

The whole range of our colorful, stylish and powerful Power Banks is presented below:

Super Magic Stick” 2800 mAh Powerbank, red

Super Magic Stick” 2800 mAh Powerbank, blue

Super Magic Stick” 2800 mAh Powerbank, silver

Stone” 3000 mAh Powerbank, white

Stone-3” 7800 mAh Powerbank

If you are interested in any of the Power Banks accessories presented above, please feel free to contact our team for more information.