NEW LokenToken dual USB flash drive

16Gb, USB 3.0

LokenToken dual USB flash drive has a 5-digit mechanical combination lock to safely lock and protect your flash drive from unauthorized access to your digital information stored on your flash drive. Protection together with OTG function - a Micro USB added allowing the transfer of digital information on the go from/to your portable devices.

Furthermore Loken Token has been redesigned into a modern, high-tech USB flash drive which is made out of plastic making it extremely light and portable device. Its modern design look will perfectly combine together with all your other gadgets.

With LokenToken dual USB flash drive you can forget about your flash drive being accessed without your permission. Its 5-digit mechanical combination code will securely lock the flash drive that is hidden inside and ultimately make you the only person able to grant access to the flash drive.

Choose LokenToken dual USB flash drive!

1. 5-digit mechanical combination code

2. Secure protection for your flash drive

3. Only the owner can unlock the flash drive
and access the digital information stored on flash drive

5. Stylish and modern design

6. Premium packaging

7. Executive gift for your clients

Important info:

Black color, 16 Gb — in stock
Any other color and capacity — available for custom orders from 100 pcs with production time 15-30 days.
SKU: 17347836

Size: ⌀3 cm x 7,5 cm
Material: plastic and polyester
Capacity 1: In stock - 16 Gb — USB 3.0
Capacity 2: For custom orders (100 pcs)- 8 Gb, 16 Gb, 32 Gb, 64 Gb — USB 3.0