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Cabeau Travel Pillows

Travel Better With Better Travel Pillows
Travel pillows make one of the best promotional items or personal gifts. Everyone who travels much on business or just twice a year to a holiday destination knows the significance of a good travel pillow. Unfortunately, some pillows on the market are not good enough and people are not satisfied with them.
Cabeau Travel Pillows were designed to make travel experience better and more comfortable. Travelling with a Cabeau pillow brings true relief and pleasure — they provide good rest without causing any neck pain.

Cabeau Travel Pillows

Cabeau presents innovative travel pillows to help anyone on the road enjoy the trip and arrive rested. With their ergonomic design Cabeau Travel Pillows give 360° support for your head and neck. We offer two types of travel pillows:

1. Evolution® Pillow is made of soft and supportive memory foam. Its patented ergonomic design conforms to a traveller’s neck providing 360° support.

2. Evolution Cool® Pillow with air circulation vents will keep you cool, while memory foam provides perfect 360° support and softness.

Whether you’re on a coach, in a car or in the air, discover the difference of Cabeau travel pillows. Thousands of people all over the world have already made their choice and vote for Cabeau. Besides, Cabeau pillows have been awarded Edison Award and BUZZ Award.

Cabeau as a Promotional Gift

A Cabeau travel pillow is a useful and handy gift that can be presented to a client or a business partner. It provides an unforgettable journey experience and helps build brand recognition as travel pillows are always exposed to other people during a journey. The logo imprint process used is thermo transfer.

How to buy Cabeau travel pillows

To order personalized Cabeau travel pillows send us an order filling in the form on the site, and we will contact you shortly for confirmation and payment details.

All the pillows we offer are available for fast delivery from our stock in Europe. Most of them can be delivered to UK, Germany, France and other European countries within a few days.

If your company is a promotional products distributor, please contact our sales team to get special conditions.