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Nová značka 'oPen' s designovými a barevnými psacími propisky

'oPen' je značka propisek, která se skládá z jedinečných, moderních, barevných, oceněných, ekologických, antibakteriálních a přizpůsobitelných propisek, které lze použít jako dárek pro Vaše klienty, zaměstnance a obchodní partnery.

- 5 designerských modelů

- Unikátní mechanismus „otevírání/zavírání“

- Antibakteriální propisky

- Propisky s povrchem Soft-Touch

- Široká barevná škála

- Značkové propisky „oPen“

Nová antibakteriální sada – zápisník a propiska

V dnešní době hraje hygiena klíčovou roli, a proto jsme vyvinuli antibakteriální psací sadu skládající se ze zápisníku A5 a propisky. Zápisník i propiska jsou vybaveny technologií stříbrných iontů, která eliminuje 99,9% bakterií na povrchu.

- Antibakteriální povlak

- Zabije 99,9% bakterií

- Gumička pro uzavření, poutko na propisku a stuha

- Papír s certifikací FSC

- Značková propiska „oPen“

- Inovativní mechanismus otevírání / zavírání u propisky

- Prostor pro potisk loga nebo textu

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Мы создаем универсальную моду
Red Dot Awarded Vacuum Mug

We updated the legendary design of the first faceted glass according to the ideas of sustainable living and urban lifestyle. The iconyMug gives the chance to feel nostalgia, to enjoy the iconic design of the past. Or simply – to become the owner of an ergonomic, trendy thermo-glass. The unique traits of iconyMug are:

- Faceted design

- Lid with slider mechanism

- Vacuum insulation – keeps hot and cold for 4 hours

- Regular cup size of 300 ml, not jumbo

- Suitable for home, office and outdoor use

- Can be personalized with logo imprint

Golchi 2-in-1 Bottle - customizable

The first bottle in the world that can carry 2 different drinks of any combination at the same time and also presents modular design that enables it to adapt to your lifestyle. In addition to those features it also has a built-in storage for a little snack. The unique traits of Golchi 2-in-1 Bottle are:

- Modular design

- 2 drinks in 1 bottle

- Hidden storage

- Temperature markers

- 4 utility modes

- 15 features inside 1 bottle

- Can be personalized with logo imprint

Мы создаем универсальную моду
We offer our customers
Wholesale promotional gifts

Everything to make your marketing ideas a reality: best promotional tools at the tips of your fingers. With a representative office and warehouse in Czech Republic, and office in Hong Kong, we are ready to ship both standard promotional items such as bags and, giveaways, travel mugs and unique luxury gifts with optimal quality-price ratio from stock in Europe or original branded gifts directly from Asia.

Branded promotional products

Branded items help promote your business and company image and are a necessary addition to your marketing mix. USB flash drives, backpacks, mugs and other personalized promotional items make great marketing giveaways. SDI is ready to imprint any corporate gifts with your logo at short notice. High quality guaranteed!

Unique gift solutions

We work with design groups and creative labs which develop one-of-a-kind and unique gifts. This is what you need to stand out from the crowd. Check a new F.O.R. gift collection created by an international design team. You won’t find promo products from our designer collection anywhere else.

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