Best Gifts to Attract Millennials to your Company

17 April 2018

Promotional products industry is constantly experiencing growth year by year.
In year 2017 the industry showed 3.6% increase in sales compared to year 2016.
So as the industry is growing consequently the consumer needs and expectations
are becoming more demanding. Nowadays consumers are changing their mind
set and understanding of what promotional products are and therefore reshape
the whole visual of promotional products market.

The millennials are taking advantage of the promotional market and starting to change the way we think
about it. Here are some “crazy” statistics we have prepared for you according to the Pew Research Center:
• In the United States there are over 80 million millennials making them the largest living generation.
• They make up over 50% of workforce
• They spend over $2.45 trillion
Those are some really important statistics we have to consider when thinking about the promotional products.

Let us show you some promotional items that appeal the most towards millennials – of course only if you want
to make a strike right on target.

Power banks
Most of the millennials nowadays own a smartphone and they became almost a part of them spending 90%
of the time on it. However those smartphones have a big problem that everyone is facing and the problem
is “battery life”. Batteries tend to run out quickly and phones turn off at the most essential moments.
Therefore power banks become of the most desired items. When you give out a power bank as a gift you can
be sure that it’s going to be used for a long period of time and will definitely be a handy gift that will be
appreciated by that audience.
From the image below, you can see that over 97% of millennials (aged from 18-34) own a smartphone and
that’s the highest percentage compared to all ages.

Source: Nielsen Mobile Insights

We have a great power bank that you can offer to your clients: Stone power bank

What makes this power bank special?
• Has a unique and memorable ‘stone’ design
• Available in 2 capacities
• Can be imprinted with your logo
• Can fully recharge the phone up to 2 times

Health and Wellness gifts
Mellennials are becoming more and more health-conscious and spend a lot of time doing sport usually
around 2-3 times a week for at least for 30 minutes. So the promotional items associated with health and
wellness would show them that you care about their well-being.
When doing any sport one of the most essential things is to stay hydrated (especially on a hot and sunny day),
therefore a perfect gift that you can provide your audience with is sport or travel bottle.

In our range you can find a perfect bottle to offer to your clients: Golchi 2-in-1 Bottle

What makes this bottle special?
• You can carry 2 different drinks at the same time
• Extra compartment for your snacks
• Modular design: 4 different utility modes to adapt to your lifestyle
• Can be engraved with your logo
• Has 14 creative features hidden inside

High quality and uniqueness of gifts
It’s really important to know that now recipients relate the quality of the gift to the quality of the company
that they received that gift from - handing out cheap and low quality gifts will give your brand a negative
reputation from some of the recipients.
So it’s time to think and prepare for your next events with high quality gifts that would actually be useful to
the recipient to retain quality leads.
The other important factor to know is that the standard products are becoming less interesting and grab less
attention than the ones that are new and were never seen by many people before. Those products need to have
interesting features that differentiate them from all the standard promotional products available on the market.

In our range you can find our high quality and unique USB flash drive to offer to your clients: LokenToken
dual USB flash drive

What makes this USB flash drive stand out from the other flash drives?
• Premium design in black and white colors
• 5-digit mechanical comination lock
• Security from immediate access
• 3 surfaces for a logo imprint
• OTG function (Micro USB added)

Travel with comfort gifts
Travelling takes 2/3 of time for millenials as they are constantly on the go to the business meetings, to work,
from work and so on. To be precise and choose the right gift associated with travelling and their comfort while
travelling will for sure leave a positive impression of your brand and remember it. Who doesn’t like travelling
with comfort? We all do!
And it’s important again to relate to the previous factor of good quality of the product and not to provide a
comfort product that will break or have a bad quality – that will definitely be remembered.

For travelling with comfort we would recommend a travel pillow: Cabeau travel pillow

• Has memory foam and air vents for air circulation so your neck doesn’t get too hot during your sleep
• Magnetic Toggle + 360° Support - stays securely closed as you sleep and perfect 360° support, whether your
head leans left, right or tends to fall forward.
• Patented ergonomic design - The flat back portion of the pillow conforms to your neck, so you can forget
about your neck falling forward.
• Can be imprinted with your company logo

Thank you for reading the article and we hope that you have found some new and valuable information.

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