Feedback from PSI 2020

15 January 2020


SDI Gifts started the year at PSI Trade Fair 2020. We have presented our novelties at stand 11 K32 and enjoyed those 3 thrilling winter days meeting new customers and showcasing our latest innovations.

First of all we would like to thank those, who visited our stand at PSI Trade Fair 2020. Our team enjoyed
talking to you and presenting our products range and looking forward to our future cooperation.

If you didn’t get a chance to visit our stand - don’t worry because we have prepared a feedback for you below.

Every year we update our products range with new and innovative gift ideas that you can impress your clients
with. This year wasn’t an exception and we have updated our products range with unique promotional products
that received a lot of positive feedback from the visitors of our stand.

Let us show you some gift ideas that were presented at our stand 11 K32.

We updated the legendary design of the first faceted glass according to the ideas of sustainable living and urban
lifestyle. The iconyMug gives the chance to feel nostalgia, to enjoy the iconic design of the past. Or simply – to
become the owner of an ergonomic, trendy thermo-cup.

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NEW Pebble USB flash drives
Those are unique USB flash drives made in ‘stone touch’ design. When you place them in your hands they feel
pleasant and almost like a real stone. Furthermore, they have Type-C connectors integrated inside to transfer
data right on the go.

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NEW Repeat Bluetooth Speaker
‘Repeat’ is a designer Bluetooth speaker made in unique design of ‘Matryoshka’. It has a great quality sound and
4000 mAh power bank built-in.

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NEW Torsta Bottle with Bluetooth Speaker and Light
Torsta is a bottle with 3 key features in tegrated inside. On the top part of the bottle there is a good quality and
loud waterproof Bluetooth speaker to help you enjoy your favorite tunes and on the bottom part of the bottle
there is a bright LED light (with 3 modes) built-in.

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Cryptex USB flash drives
Cryptex USB flash drives by Ironglyph were designed to protect users digital data stored on the USB flash drive.
They have a 5-digit or 4-rotating rings mechanical combination code that has to be entered in order to open
it and access the information stored inside.

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NEW HardCord 3-in-1 Rugged Extra Strong USB Cable
HardCord is an innovative 3-in-1 extra strong USB cable for your smartphone due to its multilayer construction
and metal braiding enabling pulling forces up to 70 kg and bending life of 60000 times. It also an MFI Apple
certified product.

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NEW Influence Bluetooth Speaker
A powerful, stylish and premium design Bluetooth speaker has been designed by Nikhil Kapoor. The idea behind
it was to make a premium looking, powerful and high-quality sound Bluetooth speaker.

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NEW Slider Pen
The unique and innovative part of this pen is ‘open/close’ mechanism. Slide down the clip along the barrel and you
will hear a click turning it On/Off. This is the first pen in the world made of plastic with ‘Slider’ mechanism.

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Golchi 2-in-1 Bottle
Golchi bottle - the first bottle in the world that can carry 2 different drinks at the same time in any combination
of hot and cold. But also it’s the first bottle with modular design that allows you to adapt to your life style.

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We have more interesting and unique gift ideas for you to present to your clients and impress them.

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