Choose your gifts and get them delivered before Xmas

05 December 2017

Gift giving season is in its full swing. You still have time to order gifts from us. If you would like to order your
gifts and get them before Christmas then you should order them:

- With logo: before the end of this week (08/12/17)
- No logo: by the end of next week (15/12/17)

Below you will find some examples of promotional products that you could offer to your clients.
But first of all here are some statistics that you could provide to your clients to close your sales.

  1. End-users are more likely to keep the promotional products that are useful.
  2. 83% of consumers have actually found “bags” useful.
  3. 43% of consumers are more likely to do business with the advertiser who gave them a promotional gift.
  4. Christmas only happens once a year so appraise your employees with a handy and executive gifts that
    they deserve.

So let us show you some of our promotional products that would be great and useful gifts to offer to
your clients.


Prepare your clients for their next travels with our innovative travel pillows. Those travel pillows differ from the
standard and uncomfortable ones as they have many innovative features built into them to make them as
comfortable as they could possibly be. With Cabeau Travel Pillows you will find your comfort spot and arrive
rested ready for new adventures.


LokenToken dual USB flash drive
We have recently added a new USB flash drive to our range. However it’s not a usual flash drive that you would
think of. LokenToken dual USB flash drive is a unique flash drive that has the 5-digit mechanical combination
code added to it, so that the user can protect the flash drive inside from immediate access. It also has a micro
USB added so the user can transfer the data right on-the-go.

Cryptex USB flash drives
Cryptex USB flash drives collection consists of 4 different flash drives that are made in unique steampunk
design and have the 5-digit mechanical combination lock on them or 4-rotating rings lock. They were made
in order to protect your flash drive from immediate access to it when you leave it on your table or somewhere
else and go to make yourself a cup of tea or coffee.


Our holiday bags collection consists of 5 items: Barbados laptop bag, Santo-Domingo trolley, Puerto-Rico toiletry bag,
Antiqua iPad case and Cancun backpack. All of those items make a great combination to a perfect holiday set.
Each of the bags is unique in its own way. They are all made from good quality fabrics and have neutral colour combination
that will suit any age and gender.


Power banks make up a truly useful gift as most of people have mobile phones and other devices that unfortunately
run out of battery extremely quickly. Our Stone Power Bank 5200 mAh and Stone Power Bank 2600 mAh are made in
unique and memorable design that feels almost like a real stone when placed in your hands. Stone power bank will
supply your device full of change and will make sure you stay online at most essential times.

To have a look at our full range of promotional products and designer gifts, please click here.

If you are interested in any of the products presented above, contact our sales manager at alena@sdigifts.com and
she will provide you with prices, terms and conditions.

If you would like to order a product with your logo imprint on it, then send your logo to alena@sdigifts.com and we
will provide you with an artwork, so you can see what your logo would look like on our product.

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