Distributor or Reseller? Get Your Reward!

20 June 2018

We love selling unique and creative gifts, deliver happiness and positive
emotions through gifts and work with companies who operate in promotional
products industry. 

Let’s get to know each other better:

We know that any hard work has to be rewarded - so we prepared something special for you!

If you’re a promotional products distributor or reseller, then fill in ‘DISTRIBUTOR FORM’ on our website through
this link and get rewarded* with a gift for your hard work:
- Hard Work travel mug to refill your liquid level during your hard working day. 
- Grinder Bluetooth speaker to accompany your work with your favorite tunes.   

Distributor Form

*After you complete the ‘distributor form’, please send us your name, telephone number and address
where you want your reward to be delivered to. It’s that simple! 

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