Golchi 2-in-1 Bottle Available from Stock!

22 March 2018

We are happy to announce that the most innovative bottle in the world 'Golchi'
is now available from stock! Order your sample and be the first one to impress
your clients with the most versatile and customizable bottle in the world.

Order your ‘Golchi’ sample and contact our sales manager for prices terms and conditions

The Most Versatile and Customizable Bottle in the World

Golchi 2-in-1 Bottle – the first vacuum insulated bottle that can carry any 2 drinks simultaneously in any combination of
hot and cold. This bottle has been designed to ease your drinking process and adapt to your lifestyle. It has
3 different compartments and temperature markers to mark your cold and hot liquids inside the bottle.
Furthermore Golchi had over 14 creative features hidden inside.

Now you carry 2 drinks in 1 bottle

Golchi 2-in-1 Bottle enables its owner to carry any 2 drinks in one bottle at the same time and any combination of hot and cold.
With Golchi you can now carry any mix of different drinks in one bottle. Isn’t that great!

4 utility modes of Golchi

Golchi can be configured into 4 different utility modes depending on the lifestyle you have or the situation you are in:

  1. Double Decker: 2 different drinks at the same time plus an extra hidden storage
  2. Jumbo: 1 large bottle combined with hidden storage inside
  3. Traditional: Normal bottle with no hidden storage inside
  4. Mini: Can be divided into 2 different bottles and carried around separately

Let us show you what those modes look like:

Middle Storage Compartment
Middle storage is an extra compartment of Golchi bottle that allows its user to carry small everyday essentials:
snacks, medicine, cereal, nuts and more…

Temperature Markers
Temperature markers are extremely handy features as they allows to the user to mark its hot and cold liquids.
Now you won’t forget where your hot and cold drink is placed.

3-in-1 Bottom Lid
It’s a ‘patent pending’ feature that allows select the size of the drinking spout, so you can control the liquid flow.
It’s a really handy feature that allows you to choose how much drink you want to consume at once.

Available in 4 colors: aqua, black, purple and red.

Custom orders
For custom orders we can imprint your PMS color and the production time will take around 45 days. For
more information regarding custom orders, please contact our sales manager.

- Modular design

- 2 drinks in 1 bottle

- Extra compartment

- Temperature markers

- Controlled flow mechanism

- Leakproof lids

- Magnetic locking

- Dual side opening

- Can be personalized with logo imprint

Order your sample

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