HKTDC 2018 Feedback from SDI Gifts

10 May 2018

We took part in Hong Kong Gifts & Premium Fair 2018 and presented our
product innovations. Let us show you some feedback from the fair and
keep you updated with the latest news from SDI Gifts.

First of all we would like to take this opportunity to thank you for visiting Hong Kong Gifts & Premium Fair
and exploring new products at our booth with help of our SDI team.

We really appreciate all the positive feedback from you that we have received regarding our innovative
products and were really excited to provide all the necessary information to you about our products range.

If we have agreed to send you prices or samples then they should be with you shortly.

But don’t worry if you didn’t get a chance to visit the fair and our booth, as we have preapred the feedback
for you below. Enjoy!

Let us show you the products that we presented:

Golchi 2-in-1 Bottle
Golchi bottle - the first bottle in the world that can carry 2 different drinks at the same time in any combination
of hot and cold. But also it’s the first bottle with modular design that allows you to adapt to your life style.

Golchi is available in 4 colors:
→Golchi, aqua
→Golchi, red
→Golchi, black
→Golchi, purple

LokenToken dual USB flash drive
LokenToken - USB flash drive with built-in 5-digit mechanical combination code to protect your flash drive from
instant access plus an OTG function added to transfer data right on-the-go.

LokenToken is available 2 colors:
→LokenToken, white
→LokenToken, black

Cryptex USB flash drive collection
Cryptex USB flash drives - they have a 5-digit mechanical combination code to securely protect your flash
drive from unwanted access and flaunt a trendy steampunk design that looks stylish together with your
other accessories.

Crypex USB flash drives are available in 4 colors:
→Cryptex, antique gold
→Cryptex, cool grey
→Cryptex, black edition
→Cryptex, limited gold edition

diamondFever Bluetooth speaker and Grinder Bluetooth speaker
Both of the speakers has their own unique design that differentiates them from the rest on the market plus
they both has a built-in battery to power up your devices to enable you to listen to your favorite tunes for longer.

diamindFever has:
→unique ‘diamond’ design
→suction cups to stick to flat surfaces
→4000 mAh battery
Grinder BT speaker has:
→unique ‘stone touch’ design
→400 mAh battery
→VarioVent TM technology

Stone power banks
Stone power banks - are power banks made in unique ‘stone touch’ design. When you place it in your hand it
feels almost like a real stone and therefore its design will remind you of a piece of nature no matter where you
are. It’s a great power bank to supply your gadgets full of charge.

Stone power bank is available in 2 capacities from stock:
→Stone power bank, 2600 mAh
→Stone power bank, 5200 mAh

Designer power banks
We have a cool range of power banks made in different, eye-catching and cool designs that will for sure
be interesting to present your clients. Our power banks will supply your phones full of charge at least ones
and some power banks can do it up to 3-4 times. Stay online at all times and in style with our designer
power banks.

In our range we have:
→Jerrycan power bank
→Dumbbell power bank
→Power Tube power bank
→Urbanical power bank
→Steampunk power bank

Please note: all the products presented above are available for custom orders and can be made in your
own PMS color and capacity depending on the minimum quantity order of selected product.

We have more product available for you to choose from and present to your clients click here to see them.

If you have any questions about products presented above, please contact our sales manager at info@sdigifts.com

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