How the innovative promotional products are created...

25 August 2017

We have recently launched a new product called LokenToken dual USB flash drive. It took
our international designers team a while to proceed from > the first sketches to the end
product. Designing a new promotional product takes up a lot of time, creativity and imagination
for the end products to be really cool in all aspects and also be an amazing and attractive
promotional gift that will for sure impress your clients! And now we have made a stylish,
functional and cool promotional product
that we can present to you.

Let's see how LokenToken was created...

The idea of creating LokenToken USB flash drive derived from our popular
concept of Cryptex USB flash drive collection. Cryptex collection was designed
by Stanislav Tatarinov and it was made in unique steampunk design and made
out of metal…

However due to the rapid changes happening in technology world we decided
to make a new modern and high-tech product. So we started the thinking process
and send our ideas to our international designers team.

We told them that we want to create a product that would provide security to your
flash drive and add an element of a game that you could fidget around with.
Furthermore that the end product has to look stylish, modern and high-tech.

It all started with the sketches of the product and making some prototypes of
what the new product is going to look like. We decided to keep the round shape
with the main uniqueness of 5-digit mechanical combination protection with
flash drive hidden inside the chamber.

1. Many different parts were made to make up the ideal look of LokenToken dual USB
flash drive… 3D printer was used to make all the prototypes of the part to make up LokenToken.

2. On this photo you can see the first look of the shape where your flash drive will be
securely hidden inside.

After that step all the final parts were chosen and the prototype of LokenToken
was made…

3. On this photo you can see all the part that make up LokenToken dual USB flash drive.
All of those parts were made using our 3D printer so much hand work was done during
this stage of creation.

4. On this photo you can see the fully built and functional prototype and the final
sketches of it.

5. On this photo you can see the side view of LokenToken prototype.

The packaging of LokenToken is premium and inside you will find a manual
which is available in 5 languages.

6. The view of the packaging when it’s taken apart

7. The back view of the packaging

And here is the final product “LokenToken dual USB flash drive” presented to you.

If you are interested in LokenToken USB flash drive as a gift for you clients, please
click on the link below.

Click here to buy LokenToken

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