Millennials VS Promotional Products

26 October 2017

Let’s first define who the millennials are. They are a group of people who were born from 1977 to 2000.

Let’s first have a look at some interesting statistics taken from the U.S.:

From those statistics we can say that the percentage of millennials is “huge” and that they like new technologies
being able to adapt to them really quickly. It also gives us a hint to what they like and what we should offer them
as the potential promotional products.

According to PPAI Research, promotional products were regarded as most effective advertising channel for the

Why do they like promotional products?
Millennials are most likely to take an action when physically given a promotional product, and least likely to take
action from print advertisements.

Splashthat surveyed 785 millennials across the globe, 47% of millennials said the main reason they chose to
attend a brand event is for free stuff or swag.

But not only that, good swag is memorable and 19% of millennials remember the free stuff they got.

So to grab the most attention, and remembrance of your brand from the millennials that take part in your event
you will need to provide them with promotional products, not just cheap promotional products, but the ones
that they will value.

What do they do with promotional products they don’t like or need?

Of course you would want to know what happens to the promotional products that they don’t need or like and
here we have some more statistics and answer to that question for you.
According to PPAI 8 in 10 millennials actually re-gift those promotional products, which means that they spread
you brand recognition even further - that’s not a bad thing, isn’t it?
But also the reseach shows that 1 in 3 millenials will donate their promotional merchandise, which as well only
increses your brand exposure.

So let’s have a look at what millennials realy need
Razorfish’s Digital Dopamine says that 83% of millennials have a smartphone, so the best way to impress
millennials and grab their attension to your brand is to provide them with “technology” products.

Technology products could be:
Power Banks are one of the most essential things for the users of smartphones as they run out
of battery quickly and millennials tend to spend most of their time online.
Stone Power Bank 2600/5200 mAh is a great example. It can fully recharge their smartphone up to 2 times.
Ready to help them stay online all day long.

Another tech item that millenials will enjoy is Bluetooth Speaker. Millennials like to listen to music, but they
are always on the go. So the way out of that is to provide them with a portable bluetooth speaker that they
can take with them and listen to their favorute tunes right on-the-go.
We have a great example of a bluetooth speaker. It’s Grinder Bluetooth Speaker that has a stylish “stone” design,
great bass and acoustic impedance panel that eliminates any plastic noises.

Another great tech that will interest the millennials is USB flash drive. Millennials like to share information
and also to secure their private information. We have a great LokenToken dual USB flash drive that will for sure
surprise and impress them.
It’s a secure flash drive with a 5-digit mechanical combination code that makes the user the only one able to
grant access to the digital information stored on flash drive. And it also has a Micro USB that allows the user
to transfer information right to/from their portable devices.

To sum up the article
Use this information to make your marketing strategy towards the millennials and hopefully you have
found something new and some helpfull advices from this article.
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Sources used in this article:
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