NEW extra strong cable available from stock!

16 October 2020


We have great news for you. Our products range has been updated with an unbelievably strong USB cable "HardCord 3-in-1 Rugged Extra Strong Cable".

Strong, durable and MFI Apple Certified USB gift idea for your gadgets available from stock
HardCord is almost an unbreakable cable due to it’s multilayer construction that can handle pulling forces
up to 70 kg - in other words it can stand up to a little rough use around your home and office.

Further, it features a durable materials that will withstand repeated bending. The cable is rated for 60,000+

With this cable you can forget about spending money on buying a new cable in the near future.

3 connectors intergrated inside (Micro USB, Type-C USB and Lightning)
It is a 3-in-1 cable with 3 different connectors integrated inside. Thanks to a neat adaptor with Micro USB,
Type-C USB and Lighting (MFI Apple Certified) connectors you can use it to charge your Android phone or
your iPhone which is a big help in a multi phone household. It also supports fast charging and data transfer
of 480 MBps.

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