NEW iconyMug is available from stock!

03 November 2019


Feel true nostalgia enjoying the iconic design of 'iconyMug'. New and innovative 'iconyMug' is now available from stock and ready to impress your clients!

iconyMug is a thermo cup made in stylsh and memorable faceted form. The idea was inspired taking us back into
19th century when the first faceted glass was produced and so we decided to update it and make it into a modern
everyday on-the-go thermo cup.

iconyMug dimensions and volume
Its dimensions were adjusted for decades and proved to be the most comfortable and pleasant in appearance – its
height compared to average diameter almost corresponds to the golden ration value, which makes it perfect from
the point of view of visual perception.

The volume of iconyMug is 300 ml.

iconyMug sliced view
It has a stainless steel constuction that enables it to keep your drinks hot and cold for 4 hours:
with initial temperature of 95° C it will keep your drinks hot for:
-1hr - 70° C
-2 hrs - 65° C
-4hrs - 50° C

It will be available in 2 different inner surfaces:
Ceramic coating (also known as silicon dioxide same as enamel) - doesn’t have its own smell and taste and doesn’t
absorb or convey smells and tastes from drinks. - highly appriciated by true tea/coffee lovers!
Stainless stell.

It has a top lid with slider mechanism
The slider mechanism can also be adjustable so that you can select the size of the drinking spout. Due to that vacuum
lid this thermo cup is perfect to take with and enjoy your drinks right on the go.

Available in 2 colors
iconyMug will be available in 2 colors from stock and for custom orders with your PMS color, please contact our sales team.

Click here to see iconyMug in Matt Black color.
Click here to see iconyMug in Shiny Silver color.

If you are interested in this product please contact our sales managers for special distributor prices, terms and conditions.

Click here to order a sample

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