NEW Stone Wireless Power Bank Released ✓

11 October 2018

Updated version of designer 'Stone Power Bank' made in 'stone touch' design
is released now with 'wireless' function added to it. Be on-trend with our new
'Stone Wireless Power Bank'.

Wireless charging is becoming more and more popular with new devices coming into the market that support
wireless charging. Wireless function makes your life easier allowing you not to carry extra cables around and
start charging your device anywhere at any time. Isn’t that cool?

All you need to do with your device to start wireless charging is just place your Qi enabled smartphone on top
of the power bank and push the button to start the wireless charging.

Our international designers’ team designed ‘Stone Wireless Power’ bank and it flaunts a unique ‘stone touch’
design that looks extremely eye-catching and memorable.

Our NEW power bank has a high-capacity 9000 mAh battery that can charge your device up to 4 times and make
sure your stay online throughout your busy day without a need to look out for sockets and USB cables.

This is a unique device with the most modern characteristics and a widely demanded function of wireless charging
of mobile devices.

-High performance wireless interface
-Effective protection and control system for both wireless interface and two high-power standard outputs.
-Popular USB Type-C and Micro USB connectors.
-Repeatedly tested thin, but durable surface for wireless charging of a smartphone is very convenient for placing a
logo and advertising information.

Front view of the power bank

Back view of the power bank

Outputs of the power bank

‘Stone Wireless Power Bank’ will be available from stock in 2 weeks time. Meanwhile you can place a pre-order and be
the first one to impress your clients with exceptionally unique and creative gift idea.

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