New Version of LokenToken released!

04 September 2018

LokenToken dual USB flash drive with Type-C USB available from stock!

LokenToken was first released with Micro USB connector, however we have recently updated it with a
Type-C USB connector and it’s now ready to be ordered from stock!

Type-C and Micro USB connectors enable the flash drive to be connected to your portable device right
on-the-go for a quick and efficient data transfer.

LokenToken is not a usual or standard USB flash drive as it has been designed to protect user’s digital
information stored on the flash drive. How does LokenToken protect the USB flash drive? LokenToken
as a built-in 5-digit mechanical combination code that prevents it from instant access to the flash drive
and digital information stored on it. Ultimately only the owner of that flash drive who knows a secret
combination can open it and get the flash drive out.

Further more as mentioned above LokenToken has a Type-C and Micro USB built-in that enables it to
transfer digital data to your portable devices right on-the-go.

We have also updated the capacities that are available to be ordered from stock. You can now order:

We have also updated the capacities that are available to be ordered from stock. You can now order:
LokenToken dual USB type-C flash drive, black 32 Gb
LokenToken dual USB flash drive, black 16/32/64 Gb
LokenToken dual USB flash drive, white 16/32 Gb

LokenToken and 5-digit code
This secret code is there to make sure no unwanted users enter your flash drive without your permission.

USB with OTG function
OTG function enables the user to transfer data quickly and efficiently right on-the-go.

Space for logo imprint
There are 3 surfaces for your client’s logo imprint on LokenToken. It makes it a great gift to fully expose
your brand and increase brand awareness.

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visit our website to see more creative gift ideas for your clients.

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