Promotional Products Market in Facts and Figures from PPAI

16 May 2017

In year 2015 the share of promotional products from the whole promotional industry in the USA made up 7%, which is nearly 21 billion dollars. Considering that fact, the most recent research confirms: consumers place promotional products on the first place and call them as the most effective channel of promotion.

Promotional Products Association International (PPAI) conducts research of consumer
market since year 1992. The survey in September 2016 became qualitatively new and most
large-scale: 1024 Americans took part in the survey aged from 18 to 70. New methods have
made it possible to collect not only a larger amount of data, but also to analyze them in a new way.

The key parameters were selected so that they could show the dynamics inside the industry
of promotional products and at the same time to compare it with other methods of promotion.
And to answer questions: how does promotional industry work, how does it interacts with the
consumer and what is its role in the advertising industry.

The goal of any marketing campaign is not only to increase the number of advertising contacts,
but also to reach the target audience at the right time in the right place.

How often to you use promotional product throughout the day?

It is noteworthy that those, who are now from 18 to 34 years old answered, that they don’t let go
at all of the promotional products.

How long have you been using promotional products for?

The longer the gift is used, the stronger the impact of the brand. Both to the recipient and to others.
Usually promotional products are kept from 1 year to 5 years, but nearly a quarter of men do not
part with the gift for more than 11 years.

If the recipient didn’t like the gift or it’s not a useful gift, 8 from 10 people present it as a gift to others.
Which means, that the gift continues to generate advertising concocts.

Promotional products have a positive effect on brand remembrance

Promotional products allow the brand to directly connect with the target audience. Advertising is
naturally built into the client’s “habitat”: at home, at work or during leisure. It becomes part of life
and forms other links with the brand.

Where do you use promotional products?
Pay attention to the fact that every second person constantly carries something with
themselves or on themselves .

What do you feel when you get a promotional gift?

Emotions lie in the foundation of relationship between the brand and the consumer,
affect the behavior of customers and return them to the brand again and again. 82%
of consumers agreed, that their impressions of the brand changed after receiving
promotional gift.

Why do you keep promotional products?
To choose an object for promotional company it’s vital to understand, that characteristics
make them valuable for percipient and influence the decision “keep the gift, give it to
someone else or throw away”.
85 % Functionality
44 % Entertainment
43 % Design
28 % Experience
27 % Content
24 % Information
22 % Loyalty
19 % Luxury
17 % Symbol
10 % Social

8 out of 10 people who received a promotional gift search the information about the brand online.
This index is even higher for the ages from 18 to 34 years old.

The right chosen marketing tool can change audience preference. 83% of people surveyed are
ready to start cooperation with the brands that present promotional gifts.

Characteristics of ideal advertising medium

Advertising in its history has experienced several stages of development. With the advent of
the printingn machine in the 15th century, the development of television in the 1940s and
the latest developments in the field of digital technology, the brands got almost endless
opportunities to deliver their message across. However promotional products are still type
of communication which consumers choose it to be.

Upon a question, which characteristics of advertisement (not limited to promotional products)
more important for them, 65% of consumers said visual attractiveness, and 60% - clear
advertising message.

Only 20% of the audience discards the gifts so this makes promotional products the best
perceived advertising channel.

Main conclusions:
1. Promotional gifts have the highest coverage among other advertising formats used.
5 out of 10 respondents say they use promo gifts all the time.
2. 9 out of 10 remember the name of the brand and 8 out of 10 can name the slogan
or advertising message of at least one received promotional gift.
3. 8 out of 10 state, that their positive view regarding the brand has been formed as
the result of being presented with a promotional gift.
4. 8 out of 10 search additional information about the brand after being presented
with a promotional gift. 83% receivers of promotional gifts are more likely to start the
cooperation with the brand they received it from, rather than with the brand they never
received a promotional gift from.
5. Rating №1. To a request to evaluate which advertising channels encourage
consumers to make anaction, all generations have found promotional products to
be the most effective.

Sources and additional information:
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