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21 June 2019


SDI Gifts is running a summer offer with FREE* delivery to all of your orders
placed before 31st of July 2019. Don’t miss your opportunity to get your promotional
products with a limited time offer of FREE* delivery and impress your clients with our
unique design gift ideas.

In our fast-moving world with less time to spare on essential things like buying a cup of coffee
or tea to give yourself a little boost to the start the day off, connect your gadgets to power socket
to boost them full of charge, get a snack between meetings and so on. All those aspects need a
quick and efficient way out.
That is why there are more handy and functional products are designed and produced
to ease your life. At SDI Gifts we follow trends and design products that will make your life easier
and stylish. We know that your clients are constantly looking for unique and unusual gift ideas
and that is what our products range is about.

Let us show you some of our bestsellers and tell you why they are so unique.

Golchi 2-in-1 Bottle
This is not a standard bottle that you are used to see on the market as it is one of the most functional
bottles in the world. With ‘Golchi’ you can carry 2 different drinks at the same time in any combination
of hot and cold. Moreover, it has a modular design (4 utility modes) that can adapt the bottle to your
lifestyle making it perfect companion to take with you when you are on a plane to your business meeting
or just going out to enjoy hot and sunny day.

Click here to see more information.
Cryptex Round Lock Compass
This is a USB flash drive made in unique ‘compass’ design and ready to secure you digital data from
instant access. The security part of this USB is delivery by intergated 4-rotating rings code, that has
to be entered in order to get the USB flash drive out.

Click here to see the whole range of Cryptex USB flash drives.
LokenToken dual USB flash drive
This is 2-in-1 USB flash drive that is ready to protect your digital data from instant access and
enable you to transfer data right on-the-go (OTG function). With 5-digit mechanical combination
code you don’t need to worry about your digital data being accessed by unwanted users and with
Micro USB or USB Type-C connectors you can transfer your digital data to your devices.

Click here to see more information.
inGreed Backapack
This backpack will be your reliable and secure companion for any of your upcoming trips. inGreed
has over 10 handy featured integrated inside that are ready to make your trip as comfortable as
possible. It has: USB port, hidden back pocket, 3-digit TSA lock, removable pouch inside, rubber
zippers and more…

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Stone Wireless Power Bank 9000 mAh
This is a power bank made in unique ‘stone’ design that feels almost like a real stone when placed
in your hands. With this power bank you can forget about carrying extra cables with you as there is
a ‘wireless’ function integrated inside. Just place your phone on top of it and changing process will

Click here to see more information.

We hope that you found interesting gift ideas to present to your clients. You can also see our full range
through this link and find the most suitable gift idea.

*Free delivery is only valid within EU.

Have a great day and thank you for your time!

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