PSI 2019 with SDI Gifts

21 January 2019

SDI Gifts at PSI 2019 - Presenting Innovative Gift Ideas!
Don't worry if you missed the fair and didn't get a chance to come to PSI 2019
and visit our booth. We prepared some feedback for you!

PSI 2019 is the the leading European trade show for promotional products industry. This year there
were 17,602 visitors and 772 exhibitors who attended the show fromall over the world. Doesn’t that
sound exciting?

It was a pleasure to communicate and present our gift ideas to the visitors of our booth.But if you didn’t
get a chance to visit the fair or our booth then we got you covered andprepared some feedback about
our creative and novel gift ideas.

Let us show you some of the gift ideas that we presented at our stand:

Cryptex Round Lock Compass
It’s not like a standard USB flash drive. It’s been designed to protect your digital information from instant
access by adding 4-rotating rings code to the USB flash drive. It’s also been redesigned and get new look
of a “compass”, that is ready to navigate you to your confidential data.

Cryptex USB flash drives
Cryptex is a special container with 5-digit mechanical combination code or 4 rotating rings to protect your
flash drive from instant access. You have to know the secret combination in order to open the flash drive and
get access to the digital information stored on it.

Golchi 2-in-1 Bottle
Golchi is the first bottle in the world that can carry 2 different drinks at the same time in any combination of
hot and cold. It’s also the first bottle with a modular design and can easily adapt to your lifestyle.

LokenToken dual USB flash drive
LokenToken is a USB flash drive with 5-digit mechanical combination code that prevents any instant access to
the flash drive. It also has an OTG function of Micro USB or Type-C USB to transfer data right on-the-go.

Stone Wireless Power Bank 9000 mah
Our collection of “stone design” power banks has been updated with a “wireless” version of power bank with 9000
mAh capacity. Now you don’t need any cables to charge your gadget right on-the-go!

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