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24 July 2018

One of the main reasons why people like receiving and keeping promotional products is 'because they are fun' – according to PPAI research. Technology products would perfectly suit that 'fun' criteria. Let’s see why tech products are the winners.

Nevertheless, companies are still trying to impress clients with standard and low-priced promotional
products. Increase in technology popularity is a clear sign that the promotional market needs to adapt
and include more products that would target tech-orientated society.

People owe many technology devices and most of the people owe more than one device. That for sure
opens new horizons to impress your clients with great gift ideas for their devices that are handy and

Non-standard promotional products “gets you ahead of the game”
Yes, there are of course standard promotional products that everyone is aware about such as pens, T-shirts
and caps. However because companies have been using those promotional products as giveaways for years
– they are becoming less popular and interesting and do not deliver same amount of “wow” or “positive
emotion” effect after receiving those gifts.
So it’s great time to think about spending a little more on tech gifts and impress your clients with unique and
valuable gift solutions.

How to improve your brand image

Every company wants to have strong brand image. However, with cheap and low-quality items that is not an
easy task to achieve. Giving out cheap promo products will directly reflect back on the image of your brand.
You need to show that you value your customers and giving our cheap promo products will not do the job.
That is why it is important to invest money into more unique and expensive promotional products and show
that your company is forward and future thinking.

All companies want to be remembered and achieve brand loyalty

Giving out cheap and low-quality gifts to your clients is not the right way to achieve that goal. It is important
factor to consider that modern person wants receive useful and function gifts. With those useful and valuable
gifts the person which recieved it will have your brand remembered as those gifts will give out memorable and
positive emotions to that person.

How to differentiate and impress with tech product?
The best way to impress your client with a promotional product is to create custom promotional product.
Custom promotional product that will have a unique feature that will differentiate it from the usual ones.
If you have a look even at the standard promotional product such as pen and T-shirt they are starting to
implement element of technology in them.

At SDI Gifts we offer some great custom gift ideas that will for sure deliver positive emotions to your clients.
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We have you covered with amazing gift ideas
Let’s have a look at some nice, unique and creative tech gift ideas that you can offer to your clients:

LokenToken dual USB flash drive
Yes, this is a USB flash drive, however it’s not the usual USB. LokenToken has a built-in 5-digit mechanical
combination code that has to entered in order to get access to the flash drive hidden inside the special
container. Furthermore, it has an OTG function of micro USB in order to allow the data transfer to your
portable devices right on-the-go.

Stone Power Banks 2600/5200
Stone Power Banks are made in unique design of a “stone” and when you place them in your hands, they
feel almost like a real stone due to their “stone touch” finish.

easyConnect USB/Lightning cable
This is not a standard USB cable that you are used to see because it is a magnetic USB cable. Due to the
magnets inside this cable will be literally drawn to your phone and start changing or transferring data
within seconds. With easyConnect you can connect the cable to your device using just one hand!

Cryptex Antique Gold USB flash drive
Cryptex Antique Gold was designed in order to protect users USB flash drive with digital data stored on
it from immediate access. This USB flash drive has 5-digit mechanical combination code and flaunts a
trendy steampunk design that will look cool with all your other accessories.

Cryptex Round Lock USB flash drive
Cryptex Round Lock has 4 rotating rings code that have to be set in the right position in order to get access
to the flash drive hidden inside. Only the person who knows the magic code can open the flash drive.

To conclude the whole article we would advise you to think about technology gifts instead of standard
and cheap gifts when planning your marketing campaign as we live in the technology abscessed world
and almost all people have and use technology on day-to-day basis. So presenting them with a
technology related gift would make them remember your brand and if it’s handy they will carry
it with them almost every day and therefore expose your branded product.

You can have a look at our whole range of creative gift ideas at SDIGIFTS.COM

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