The Cryptex which has been turning heads internationally now has a twin

03 February 2015

Let us introduce you to the Round Cryptex!

Many of you have loved the Cryptex and have begged us to produce more products like it. Your calls haven’t gone unanswered and we have been hard at work on new ideas and designs. This is what we have come up with -

The round Cryptex flash drive, forged from durable metal, was designed by Stanislav Tatarinov from Siberia, Russia. This unusual design inspired by Victorian pocket watches is perfect for anyone interested in Steampunk.

The Round Cryptex is a revolution of the original design; to open the securely locked device – simply revolve the gears to the correct position. This device truly takes you back to an earlier age and adds a sense of mystery to everyday life.

Like all SDI products the Round Cryptex is fully customizable through laser engraving. Customers can add their own message, text, logo or even graphic to the device.

The device is made complete with elegant packaging making this a more unconventional gift for your friends, family, business partner and clients.

You can order it right away!

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