Promotional product you've been waiting for! Anti-theft 'inGreed' backpack is back in stock.

23 January 2020


We have updated our stock with an anti-theft and smart promotional product 'inGreed' backpack and now it is available for order straight from the warehouse.

inGreed — your everyday backpack re-imagined.
It is a SMART backpack that has over 8 useful features integrated inside that make this backpack your
reliable everyday companion. What functions does it have inside you will ask. Let us tell you why this
backpack is so unique:

  • 4-layer sandwichPro cut’s proof construction.
  • TSA lock with 3-digit numerical code.
  • Secret extPocket on the back of the backpack.
  • Zipper of the central compartment is located closer to your back.
  • Built-in external USB port.
  • Breathable airMesh back.
  • Waterproof TEX material with water-repellent impregnation.
  • Removable mini pouch inside.
  • Adjustable length of straps.

Front view with integrated features inside the backpack

Back view with intergated features inside the backpack

Let’s see a video of how smart, stylish and spacious promotional product can be:

Your logo imprint on ‘inGreed’ backpack
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