Travelling with Pebble Power Bank and Grinder Bluetooth Speaker

07 September 2016

Pebble Power Bank and Grinder Bluetooth Speaker have had a chance to travel around London and Spain this year and here are some photos of their holiday presented below. Their unique Pebble design perfectly matches with nature, no matter if you are simply travelling around the city or just sunbathing on the beach.

Grinder Bluetooth Speaker is just a perfect speaker to have with you while you are on the beach to companion
you with your favorite music. Its technological specs of double emitter, additional membrane and acoustic
impedance panel is what makes it stand out with a clear and bright sound and no additional noises added
to spoil your favorite songs. Grinder Bluetooth speaker was made for true music lovers to immerse them into
the music world and is designed to attract attention and look extremely trendy.

Pebble Power Bank 5200 mAh is just a perfect companion for your gadgets — it will for sure supply them
with a true boost of charge to make sure they are up and running while you are busy travelling around or simply
on the go between business meetings. Its pebble design will underline the uniqueness of the power bank and
make it a memorable present.

Are you interested in Pebble Power Bank or Grinder Bluetooth Speaker? Please visit SDI Gifts or contact
our sales manager if you have any questions regarding the products.

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