USB Stick Featured in Design Book of The Year

17 November 2014

Quick recognized by the largest design community in the world

Smart Decisions International is proud to be recognized for their innovative design in The Design Book of The Year published by Design and Design. The Quick USB stickdesigned for their high-end FOR line is a funky and functional take on nature’s best data carrier.

Design and Design is an independent and non-profit on/off-line venture, developed by French-Italian designer Marc Praquin to help talented designers promote their work for free on an international basis. Every year, 730 of the top designs in the world submitted to Design and Design are selected by Marc Praquin and compiled into the Book of The Year.

The Quick 8GB flash drive is made from hard wearing silicone material and was designed by Yuri Veredjuk from Russia exclusively for F.O.R. This clever design is multi-functional, acting not only as a USB stick but thanks to its long tail serving as a handy stress-toy for the stressed executive.

Better yet, the Quick USB stick isn’t the only SDI item to be showcased in the Book of The Year — issue 7 showcased a whole 5 of Smart Decisions International products including the Quick USB flash drive, 2Hearts Cup, Music House, Cactus Cup and Master Knife.

Every day people use and exchange data but there are few ways to stand out while doing it. The Quick USB stick provides a fresh, funky and functional memorable method to exchange data.

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