We care about you. During these hard times, gifts are stronger than handshakes!

23 March 2020


We are working hard to satisfy your requests during COVID-19! Sending gifts to your clients, colleagues and family — alternative way to keep up the communication during COVID-19!

We care about our clients and we understand that these are tough times for everyone and we would like to
send our thoughts and best wishes to everyone. It’s hard time for our company as well, but we are doing our
best and working hard to benefit our clients during those hard times.

We are constantly monitoring the situation about the virus and understand that many people are working
from home and some of the businesses are shut down for quarantine and we really hope that together we
will overcome the COVID-19 in near future.

We would like to provide our customers confidence in our preparedness for the possible impact of the virus
on our team, and your business.

At SDI Gifts we continue to work hard to satisfy your requests during those difficult working conditions. Our
warehouse is open and continues to work and ship your orders. Printing facilities are also up and running as
usual, but can now be done even faster due to the reduction in orders.

We know that many of you are working from home at the moment and we can deliver the goods anywhere,
even to your home address. Do not worry about the packages being delivered, as viruses does not last long
on cardboard packaging if any.

COVID-19 may have removed the handshakes and personal meet ups, but not the ability to send gifts to our
clients, colleagues and family. Gift giving has always led to positive emotions and especially during that
pandemic, it is vital to provide your clients with those positive emotions that help to reduce the stress level.
You can visit our website at https://sdigifts.com/shop and have a look at our unique and designer gift ideas
to offer to your clients and support them during this hard time.

Promotional products are always appreciated by people, however now during that period of COVID-19 they
will play even a bigger role and sign of your support and we are here to help you.

Sending our thoughts and best wishes to everyone. Together we will overcome this crisis.

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