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17 June 2021

Aesthetic, colorful and minimalistic design 'oPen' pens were designed to promote your client's business with something simple but memorable and striking.

Within our range, you will find different variations of pens that include: soft-touch, glossy plastic, antibacterial and eco-friendly pens.

Innovative "open-close" mechanism makes pens more eye-catching and stylish.


If you are looking for a standard way of communication with your clients at an affordable price for any budget, but want it to be bright, striking and memorable, then 'oPen' is your perfect choice!



Models available from our stock: 

SDI01 Plastic pen

SDI01R Soft-touch pen

Pens with innovative open/close mechanism sliding along the barrel made in minimalistic 'Nordic' design.


SDI01A Antibacterial Pen - Kills 99.9% Bacteria

Pens with antibacterial coating. This is achieved through the ‘nano silver technology’ with silver ions added into the plastic.


SDI02 Eco Pen

Pen with stylish looking minimalistic design and body of the pen made from eco material.


SDI02 Plastic Pen

Different bright and eye-catching colors clip and white body that can be imprinted with your a logo or advertising text for a striking marketing campaign.


Contact our managers to order a sample set!

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