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All of us live different lifestyles. We all have different preferences in drinks we like to consume however the research shows that a person needs to consume at least 1.9 liters of water per day. The usual bottles all look similar but only differ in colors and pictures imprinted on them and are not adoptable and customizable to different lifestyles that we all have.
The reason why Golchi was creates is to change the game and be customizable and adoptable for your needs and different lifestyles. A water bottle, a coffee tumbler, a tea vessel, protein shakers, soda can holder, a thermos and many more is what Golchi can be. Let Golchi ease your drinking experience and make you enjoy your day.

Golchi – all you need!

Golchi is the most innovative and modern bottle with 15 truly creative features hidden inside. Every feature of the bottle has been designed in order to make your drinking experience easy, fast and adaptable. We challenge that it's the last bottle you will ever need.

Golchi: and its 4 modes

Attractive, handy and inflexible to any lifestyle - Golchi is World’s First Vacuum Insulated Bottle that allows carrying up to 2 different drinks at once. In addition to that Golchi has 4 different utility modes:

Mode 1: 2 different drinks at the same time plus an extra hidden storage

Mode 2: 1 large bottle combined with hidden storage inside

Mode 3: Normal bottle with no hidden storage inside

Mode 4: Can be divided into 2 different bottles and carried around separately


Innovative features that make up a perfect bottle for your everyday use:

Innovative features that make up a perfect bottle for your everyday use:

You can carry up to 2 beverages: forget about choose what drink to pour in into your bottle as Golchi can carry 2 drinks simultaneously.

Controlled Flow Mechanism - '3 in 1' bottom lid: this function enables you to choose the size of the drinking spout. You can now choose how you want to consume you drinks. Enjoy!

Hidden storage: allowing you to carry your everyday essentials in it such as powder, tablets, sweets and other snacks.

Magnetic Lock Mechanism: you can forget about the lid falling onto your nose when you are consuming your favorite drink and obstructing you. Due to the magnets you lid will be held firmly.

Temperature Markers: this is a truly handy feature to that bottle as now you don’t need to waste your time remembering and guessing where your hot or cold drink is as you can now pour the drink in one of the bottles and mark it.

Perfect Temperature Insulation: due to the double vacuum walls in Golchi you drinks can be cold and hot for longer. Golchi will keep your drinks hot up to 4 hours and cold up to 8 hours. Isn’t that great?

Multipurpose compartment: this compartment is great to use it as a bottle for your drinks (hot and cold), food storage and can holder.

Enjoy your drinks with our truly innovative and one of its kind bottle - Golchi. All the features added to Golchi are amazing and are ready to make you enjoy your drinks and snacks on the go without wasting any of your precious time.

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