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iconyMug is a gift idea for your yourself, clients, employees and business partners. This vacuum mug combines a well known design from the past that has been modified considering modern lifestyle and technologies. This faceted glass has been tested for decades of its use in Europe and especially widely in the Soviet Union and has established itself as a reliable and practical drinkware. It's functonality makes it a universal mug ready to accompany you at almost any occasion and grab attension especially when it's personalised with a logo or advertising text imprint or engraving.


The updated version uses the best stainless steel, double walls, vacuum insulation, laser welding, ceramic coating and lid, all in the design of a regular size cup. It’s a mug adapted for home, office or outdoors. In addition, it received one of the most prestigious awards RedDot Award 2020. Order your vacuum mug today!iconyMug


Characteristics of iconyMug:

- Available in 2 colors: matt black and shiny silver thermo mug.

- Ceramic coating interior (no additional metal or plastic taste).

- Keeps drinks hot and cold for 4 hrs.

- Spill proof slider - reduces the chance of spilling whole drink.

- Prestigious Red Dot Award.

What makes 'iconyMug' thermo mug be ready to keep your drinks warm?

- Double walls

- Vacuum insulation

-Stainless steel walls

- Keeps your drinks hot for: 4 hrs – 50° C, 2 hrs – 65° C, 1 hr – 70° C

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