LokenToken dual USB flash drive

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Nowadays everything is rapidly becoming digital. We are living our lives on the go, constantly looking for quick ways to transfer and safely store digital information. This is why we decided to produce Loken Token USB flash drive. Loken Token is a USB flash drive based on popular concept of Cryptex steampunk USB flash drive. Unlike Cryptex with its metal chamber, Loken Token designed by our international team is made of plastic and a lot lighter.

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Digital data protection

Afraid that someone would pick up your flash drive and scan through your personal or corporate information? Loken Token is the way to avoid this unpleasant issue. It has a 5-digit mechanical combination lock to protect your flash drive from unauthorized access, making you the only one able to read and edit digital data stored there.

Data transfer on the go

With an added Micro USB plug Loken Token allows transfer of your digital data on the go from/to any portable devices.

Order as a promotional gift

Loken Token works great as a promo item. It gives a clear message and shows your clients or colleagues you care about their security. It is a useful gift, and people like useful gifts. Besides, it has a convenient tag where you can place your logo.

How to buy LokenToken dual USB flash drives

To order personalized LokenToken send us an order filling in the form on the site, and we will contact you shortly for confirmation and payment details.

All the USB flash drives we offer are available for fast delivery from our stock in Europe. Most of them can be delivered to UK, Germany, France and other European countries within a few days.

If your company is a promotional products distributor, please contact our sales team to get special conditions.

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