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Promotional products for request
Promotional products in this section are custom order items that have a minimum order quantity (MOQ)
and most of goods are produced in China with the production timeframe from 15-45 days. We can deliver
the goods wherever you say or on FOB or EXW terms.

The goods can be made in a different color, the logo can be applied and packaging can be made according
to your design.

3 simple steps to get your special distributor quote, production and delivery times:
-Choose a product from the available product range.
-Click on the “request a quote” button.
-Fill in the quotation form (takes less than 30 seconds) - receive an offer from the sales manager, discuss and
confirm the details.

If you have any questions regarding making an order, please feel free to contact us at info@sdigifts.com.
MOQ depends on the product that you choose.

Searching for the promotional products for specific events or any other gift giving occasions? We have a wide
range of unique and designer promotional products or business gifts.

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