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'oPen' is a pen brand that consists of unique, modern, colorful, award winning, eco, antibacterial and customizable pens at an affordable price. Those pens are a perfect and memorable promotional giveaway for your clients, employees and business partners if you want to make a strking and memorable promotion with high quality designer pens.

You can use those pens to promote your company or brand with your logo or text imprint on 'oPen' pens. That is why it was created and combines few pen models under the brand ‘oPen’ and made them really competitive in terms of price and quality. 

We realize that there are thousands of pen brands in the world. Therefore the idea under 'oPen' brand was to desgin and create pens for companies that are looking for the modern and stylish pens as a form of simple and standart but striking and memorable communications with their clinets.

Moreover — we do know — you clients will thank you for it.

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Your business - our pens!

Designer and high qulity promotional giveaway pens for any business.

oPen - colorful, sleek and minimalistic design promotional giveaway pens

Within the range of 'oPen' promotional pens can find different models applicable to any business. It includes glossy plastic pens, soft-touch pens, eco-friendly pens, antibacterial pens and some of the models have 'unique and rare' open/close mechanism with clip smoothly sliding along the barrel.


SDI01 Pen, glossy plastic



SDI02 Pen, glossy plastic


SDI01R Pen, soft-touch


SDI02 Eco Pen

SDI01A Pen, antibacterial

Rare and easy to handle open/close mechanism of designer SDI01, SDI01R and SDI01A Pens

Examples of imprint areas with your client's logo or text

You can imprint various options on your pens: with your company logo, company name, company website or company phone number. Imprinting your company information on ‘oPen’ pens is one of the most effective, memorable and eye-catching ways to promote your company or a brand, through a stylish promotional giveaway that attracts attention around it. 

Swipe it - and the choice is made!

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