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A tea or coffee mug is one of the best gifts or promo items ever. As the world around us becomes mobile, it’s time to give your business partners something even better — a promo travel mug. Insulated mugs that help to keep beverages hot or cold as desired are so popular people take them everywhere — to a workplace or a concert, on a picnic or to a fitness club, where dozens of other people see these mugs, usually imprinted with a logo. Do you want all those advertising impressions? Order travel mugs now!

Personalized Travel Mugs

Thermal travel mugs inherited all the best qualities of thermo flasks: they are durable, spill-proof and keep your tea or coffee ice cold or boiling hot in any weather. Modern mugs come in a wide variety of materials and colours. They are made of metal, plastic, or a combination of different materials. Some of them are vacuum insulated, some are not. There are travel mugs of different designs, styles and shapes in our catalogue — surely you can find the model that suits your purposes best.

Vacuum travel mugs

The best mugs and cups have double vacuum insulated walls made of metal. They keep beverages hot up to 6 hours and are perfect for long trips. Their robust lids also help to maintain the necessary temperature. A vacuum mug will work great as a gift for you colleague or a client.

Plastic travel mugs

You do not usually need a sturdy vacuum mug for your day-to-day city trips with a cup of morning coffee, not really. A plastic mug which keeps coffee hot for about an hour and a half will do. It weighs less, costs less, and it’s a perfect promo item for a marketing campaign.

Reusable coffee mugs

Disposable paper and plastic cups are an environmental hazard. Those who drink from reusable coffee mugs not only help to reduce the amount of waste, but often get discounts in coffee shops for choosing the eco-friendly ware.

Travel mugs with logos

A travel mug is a gift that brings a lot of emotions, and they help to promote your business. Those who get promo travel mugs with your logo feel warm, comfortable, cared for — and therefore greatful for your gift. A sure way to your customer’s heart!

All the mugs you see here are suitable for personalization. We recommend laser engraving for metal cups or thermal flasks and pad printing for plastic mugs. Maximum logo size depends on the model of a travel mug you choose. Keep in mind that there is a minimum order quantity (MOQ) for all printed items.

How to buy travel mugs

To order personalized travel mugs send us an order filling in the form on the site, and we will contact you shortly for confirmation and payment details.

All the mugs we offer are available for fast delivery from our stock in Europe. Most of them can be delivered to UK, Germany, France and other European countries within a few days.

If your company is a promotional products distributor, please contact our sales team to get special conditions.

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