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NEW Cryptex Round Lock Compass, Antique gold USB flash drive

16 Gb, USB 2.0
In stock 98
32 Gb, USB 3.0
In stock 54
64 Gb, USB 3.0
In stock 38

Cryptex Round Lock USB flash drive made in a completely new design of a “compass”. This USB flash drive will navigate you straight to your secret digital information hidden inside.
It instantly revolutionizes the way you use and think about USB sticks. From the first turn of the gear, you will realize that this is not a normal USB stick.
Only the owner of this item who positions each of the four gears in the right place can open the lock and get access to the USB flash drive hidden inside. Forged in the heart of our factories, this quality solid alloy USB stick will stand the test of time.

Designed by Mikhail Chistyakov copyright 2018
Worldwide patent pending

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SKU: 18693304

Size: 8,5х5,7х1,5 cm; box: 8x8x4 cm
Material: metal
Gross weight: 0.128 kg
Capacity: 16 Gb, 32 Gb, 64 Gb, USB 3.0
Logo imprint: laser engraving