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Continuously in search of new, attractive and unusual promotional products to add to your product range at museum gift shops? Want to excite your clients with novel, handy and unique souvenirs? Then we are the choice. Our products are just the right selection for museum stores to have on their shelves, attract new customers and for sure sell. SDI Gifts is ready to provide profitable price margins for all our distributors.

Customers always search for exclusive, novel and attractive gifts and that is exactly what we are ready to offer. Our products will add diversity to your current product range and help to attract new customers by their uniqueness, designs and colors. Besides, they will certainly look attractive at your museum storefront!

We are happy to present innovative and designer USB Flash Drives, Power Banks, USB Cables, Travel Mugs, Travel Bottles, Bluetooth Speakers.


However we updated the legendary design of the first faceted glass according to the ideas of sustainable living and urban lifestyle. The iconyMug gives the chance to feel nostalgia, to enjoy the iconic design of the past. Or simply – to become the owner of an ergonomic, trendy thermo-glass. The unique traits of iconyMug are:

- Faceted design
- Lid with slider mechanism
- Vacuum insulation – keeps hot and cold for 4 hours
- Regular cup size of 300 ml, not jumbo
- Suitable for home, office and outdoor use
- Can be personalized with logo imprint

Golchi 2-in-1 Bottle

The first bottle in the world that can carry 2 different drinks of any combination at the same time and also presents modular design that enables it to adapt to your lifestyle. In addition to those features it also has a built-in storage for a little snack. The unique traits of Golchi 2-in-1 Bottle are:

- Modular design
- 2 drinks in 1 bottle
- Hidden storage
- Temperature markers
- 4 utility modes
- 15 features inside 1 bottle
- Can be personalized with logo imprint

LokenToken dual USB flash drive

A bit more than just a standard USB flash drive. LokenToken has the 5-digit mechanical combination code for secure flash drive protection plus it has an OTG function of micro USB added to allow its user to transfer digital information right on-the-go. LokenToken is the perfect gadget to add to your museum store collection. The unique traits of LokenToken are:

- Modern design
- 5-digit mechanical combination lock
- OTG function (micro USB)
- Extra digital data security
- On-the-go data transfer
- Limited user access
- Can be personalized with logo imprint

Cryptex USB flash drives

Our unique flash drives “Cryptex” have been created by a popular Russian designer Stanislav Tatarinov. This steampunk flash drive with its Victorian time look would be a great piece for a museum store. Exclusive traits of Cryptex:

- Steampunk design
- 5-digit mechanical combination lock
- Designer gift
- Extra digital data security
- Limited user access
- Can be personalized with logo imprint

Power Banks

Completely unique design for each of our power banks. Just the right gift for a museum store. Their distinct qualities are:

- Designer power banks
- A wide range of different shapes, colors and volumes
- Easy and compact to carry around
- Fun and memorable gifts
- Can be imprinted with any logo
- Ready to keep gadgets full of charge
- Stone, jerrycan and tube designs

SDI Gifts is a wholesale supplier of gifts and promotional items. Our range of products goes from simple but yet creative promotional products to high end executive items. We offer unique and designer promotional products and gifts that can be imprinted with your logo, a name, a web address or any image.

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