Amungen Bottle-juicer, blue

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The compact Amugen bottle-juicer will become an indispensable accessory for a walk, work or while playing sports. With Amungen, healthy and refreshing drinks are always by your hand.
How to use this wonderful bottle? Well, it’s very simple: cut a lemon, an orange or any other citrus in half and squeeze it using a special nozzle. Dilute the juice with cool water and to enrich the taste you can add mint leaves or any other spices. To maintain a vivid taste, leave slices of lime at the bottom of the bottle. Shake the the combination inside and you are good to go. Your healthy and refreshing drink is ready.
While trying and making different combinations of fruits when preparing a drink, you can even make yourself feel like a bartender, as well as pump you knowledge about the benefits of certain fruits.

  • Citrus juice squeezer.
  • Does not contain bisphenol A.
  • Suitable for drinks with temperature up to 40 degrees.
  • Not suitable for hot liquids and microwaves.
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