Grinder Bluetooth Speaker, grey

SKU: 161635

Size: H=6.8 cm, D=4.7 cm, gift box: 12.2x6x5.2 cm
Material: body - plastic with stone effect finish, grind - metal
Built-in battery: Li-Ion, 400 mAh
Data transfer: Bluetooth 4.0, AUX cable
Logo imprint: pad-printing
Weight: 0.176 kg

Package includes:

Micro-USB charging cable, AUX data cable
Travel pouch

On request
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Grinder Bluetooth Speaker is a reliable companion for a traveller or a motorist. Bluetooth-speaker has a unique bass audio frequencies for such a small size. Suitable for any smartphones, laptops and tablets with Bluetooth support for a constant music stream. The sound of the device is extremely authentic, bright and clear allowing you to fully immerse yourself into the music world. The device also allows a user to have an ergonomic and convenient control over “hands-free” function.

Grinder Bluetooth Speaker product review by Products Geek

400 mAh battery enables a minimum of 4 hours of constant music streaming.

For better sound in the room we recommend the placement of the speaker on not very thick wooden surfaces of shelves or a newspaper /magazine table. Due to the special acoustic impedance panel design and good sticking rubber rings on the bottom of the speaker it allows wooden surface literally ‘’play along’’ to the miniature acoustic device.
If you plan to use the speaker as a hands free device in the car then simply place it in the cup holder with an answer button facing you. When receiving a call simply tilt the case towards you and push it down with a little effort.

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