inGreed Anti-Theft Backpack

SKU: 181101010

Size: backpack 30х42х11,5 cm; mini pouch 20x11x3.5 cm

Gross weight: 0.720 kg

Color: grey

Logo imprint: heat transfer



€ 35.50
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27.10.2020 17:22
This backpack has a great value for money. Market is pretty full of alternative models, similar design can cost a fortune. Unbelievable!
08.10.2020 13:06
Dobrý pevný batoh. Jsem ho bral na moře, velmi se hodí na kole. Zámek funguje dobře.

New, secure, stylish and Anti-theft ‘inGreed’ backpack to protect you from thieves accessing your content inside the backpack. Its design and features offer a high level of safety to the things you carry inside the backpack. This secure Anti-theft backpack has:

  • 4-layer sandwichPro cut’s proof construction to minimize the chance of someone cutting your backpack and stealing your notebook, tablet, lunch box or sports kit placed inside.
  • TSA lock with 3-digit numerical code that gives even more security to your backpack from unwanted access without your permission.
  • Secret extPocket on the back of the backpack allowing no access without you noticing it and to hide your most valuable documents, wallet or credit cards.
  • Zipper of the central compartment is located closer to your back making it harder to access the backpack without you noticing it.

With ‘inGreed’ backpack, you will find other essential features that will ease your travel experience and bring backpack capability to a completely new level of comfort:

  • Built-in external USB port located on the side of the backpack allows you to conveniently connect your phone to charge and put it in your pocket or use it right on the go. All you need is to place an external battery inside the backpack and then easily plug your device to the USB port.
  • Forget about sweaty back due to the breathable airMesh back allowing air circulation to your back.
  • Waterproof TEX material with water-repellent impregnation reduces the chance of your contents getting wet depending on the weather conditions outside
  • Removable mini pouch inside the backpack will allow you to carry your small everyday essentials such as tablets, cosmetics or snack that can be removed from the backpack at any time and carried separately.
  • Adjustable length of straps made of durable nylon are extremely easy to adjust for your comfort and have stylish appearance.

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