Leaf Explorer Wallet

SKU: 15423430

Size: 11x14x3 cm
Material: Genuine leather

Logo imprint: Embossing

Made in Italy
Patented: Russia RU153203

Gross weight: 0.22 kg
Nett weight: 0.11 kg

€ 48
21% VAT is included
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Two pieces of thick tanned leather, two grams of metal, and no seams – that’s the main constructive principle of all LEAF collection items. The pattern is folded along the creases, and is held together with a contrasting strap that keeps the wallet together.
Travel by sea, plane or car – your driving license, Vehicle Registration Certificate and ID card as well as travel tickets and a passport will fit in this item.

The wallet has sections for banknotes, credit cards and documents.
Two replacement holding straps are included.
Designed by Alexey Chugunnikov
A simple solution. Easy to use. Brilliant.

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