Wall Clock Woodstock

SKU: 201107300

Material: beech; plastic

Dimensions: 11.3x11.3x4.5 cm; packing 12x11.8x5.3 cm

Weight: 0.103 kg

Clock type: Quartz Clock

Movement: Silent movement, Hermle clock movement from Germany

Battery: 1 pc of AA battery. (battery is not included)

Warranty: 1 Year after purchase

Country of Origin: Russia



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The clock can be hung on the wall or placed on a table or shelf. Silent clockwork. The clock is equipped with a mains powered light element. The set includes an adapter for illumination, cord length 5 meters. Supplied in original packaging.

Minimalistic Design: Natural wood color frame displays the unique wood grain and delicate tactile impression, which brings a natural and refreshing change to your room. The pure white clock face deliberately omits all the scales and decorations, leaving only the simple design of the black hands, thoroughly implementing the belief of minimalism.

Back-to-Nature Style: Wooden frame in width of 12mm is made of natural wood with a warm colour tone, which has brought us closer to the nature effortlessly. No matter you are busy or living a simple life, the clock is not just a measurement of time but also a decoration of indoor environment. The clock face is a model without glass cover and exposed hands. Yet, it uses a silent and non-ticking movement which will never disrupt your sleep.

Interior Decoration: This minimalist piece of art is a decoration in any indoor enviroment. The simple lines show the essence of minimalism, clarity and purposefulness, which are one of the pursuits of modern design. You can put it in a living room, a dining room or a bedroom.

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