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Ironglyph is a collection of steampunk gadgets. Steampunk, a style that combines old science fiction and modern technological advancements, immerses us in the atmosphere of H. G. Wells’s and Jules Verne’s adventure novels. Steampunk appeals to dreamers, rebels, geeks and innovators, to anyone, who loves industrial art and the stark beauty of steam engines. Steampunk items are popular all around the world. You can buy them both for private and business use.

Cryptex USB Flash Drive is a headliner of our Ironglyph collection. It was created by a Russian designer Stanislav Tatarinov in accordance with original sketches by Leonardo Da Vinci. You have to know the 5-digit code to gain access to the USB flash drive hidden inside. Only those who know the password can use it. Cryptex USB Flash Drive was recognized with a prestigious Promotional Gift Award in 2015.