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NEW Pebble USB flash drive, light grey

16 Gb, USB 3.0
32 Gb, USB 3.0

Ergonomic design, comfortable lightness in your hands and, most importantly, a memorable ‘pebble’ shape and a pleasant roughness of the case. All this - in a series of stylish ‘pebble’ design USB flash drives.

Additional information
Reading speed is not lower than 30 mb/s and whiting speed - not lower than 15 mb/s (PC with Windows OS).
The reading and writing speed of USB 3.0 flash drives are significantly higher that similar flash drives with USB 2.0 interface. For the most efficient operation of a USB 3.0 flash drive, it is recommended to use it together with devices equipped with USB 3.0 controllers and operating systems that support this specification.

Size: USB flash drive - 7.5 х 2.7 х 0.6 cm; box - 10 х 6 х 1.6 cm
Material: plastic, pebble imitation coating
Logo imprint: pad printing