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NEW HardCord 3-in-1 Rugged Extra Strong Cable

lightning cable
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HardCord is an innovative 3-in-1 extra strong USB cable for your smartphone due to its multilayer construction and metal braiding enabling pulling forces up to 70 kg and bending life of 60000 times. Unlike ordinary USB cables that can break when subject to pulling and crushing forces, the rugged extra strong HardCord cable is built to last.

On top of those impressive characteristics, this cable is MFI Apple certified and supports fast charging and data transfer of 480 MBps. It’s an extra strong 3-in-1 cable with Type-C, Micro USB and Lightning connectors that are suitable for all modern smartphones and total length of 100 cm.

Durable cable with stylish packaging is a great gift idea for your clients.

MFI Apple certified product.

SKU: 191183810

3-in-1 cable: Type-C/Lightning/Micro USB
Up to 60000 times bend life
The breaking force: up to 70 kg
Speed of data transfer: 480 MBps
Maximum current: 2.4 A
Cable length: 100 cm