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NEW Stone Wireless Power Bank 9000 mAh, grey

power bank
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Stone Power Bank has now been updated with a wireless charging function allowing its users to charge mobile devices right on-the-go without using any additional cables. It saved its unique ‘stone touch’ design that looks stylish and makes it feel like a real stone when placed in your hands.

With Stone Wireless Power Bank you can charge your devices wirelessly up to 4 times plus it has both Micro USB and USB Type-C connector integrated in it for Android and IPhone mobile devices.

This is a unique device with the most modern characteristics and a widely demanded function of wireless charging of mobile devices.

  • High performance wireless interface
  • Effective protection and control system for both wireless interface and two high-power standard outputs.
  • Popular USB Type-C and Micro USB connectors.
  • Repeatedly tested thin, but durable surface for wireless charging of a smartphone is very convenient for placing a logo and advertising information.

Important note:
Press the button on the power bank to start wireless charging. One of the four lights will flash red. Place the smartphone on the power bank (the side with the button), charging will begin. It will stop automatically when you remove the smartphone from the power bank.

How to choose a universal external battery

phone battery
capacity 2000 mAh

tablet battery
capacity 10000 mAh
2000 mAh
3000 mAh
5000 mAh
8000 mAh
10000 mAh
12000 mAh
15000 mAh
20000 mAh
SKU: 18704210

Size: 13х8,1х3,3 cm; gift box: 16x11x4,8 cm
Material: plastic
Inputs: 5V, 2000 mA
Outputs: 5V, 2000 mA
Capacity: 9000 mAh
Package includes:
2-in-1 cable with Micro-USB, USB Type-c and iPhone Lightning connector
-gift box
Logo imprint: pad printing