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NEW iconyMug, matt black

thermo cup
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iconyMug is a vacuum insulated thermo cup. The main characteristics of this innovative thermo cup are:

✔ Unique and memorable ‘Faceted glass’ design.
✔ Vacuum insulation – keeps hot and cold for 4 hours.
✔ Lid with slider mechanism for drinking - select the size of the drinking spout.
✔ Regular cup size of 300 ml, not jumbo.
✔ Suitable for home, office and outdoor use.
✔ Space for logo or advertisng text imprint.

There are historical facts hidden behind the ‘faceted’ design of iconyMug. The real glory fell on a faceted glass in the USSR. It was used everywhere: in canteens, soda machines, passanger trains, supermarkets… This item has become a symbol of the epoch and is still associated by many Russian people with iconic soviet design. There are many versions about the creator of a faceted glass. Most often the author is called Vera Mukhina - the sculptor of the incredible monument ‘Worker and Kolkhoz Woman’.

However we updated the legendary design of the first faceted glass according to the ideas of sustainable living and urban lifestyle. The iconyMug gives the chance to feel nostalgia, to enjoy the iconic design of the past. Or simply – to become the owner of an ergonomic, trendy thermo-glass.

Almost a perfect cup from visual perception
iconyMug’s height compared to average diameter almost corresponds to the golden ration value, which makes it perfect from the point of view
of visual perception.

Half view showing the functionality of iconyMug:

Ready to keep your drinks wark up to 4 hours
Initial temperature 95° C

SKU: 19749830

Size: H=12.3 cm, Ø 8.3 cm
Material: metal
Volume: 300 ml
Logo imprint: pad printing,
laser engraving